Hi I’m Mark a money nerd and welcome to Mediocre Money.

Personal finances is complex, but doesn’t have to be.

Any goal you have can be done easier and quicker by mastering personal finances.

You’ll find personal finance advice, analysis and research on my podcast, youtube channel and blog (hey that’s what you’re reading now!)

I’ll also be learning along with you!

Why I Love Personal Finances

When learning finances you should know that there are no right or wrong decisions.

What we have is a variety of choices.

It’s up to us to know and navigate those choices to make decisions that work for you.

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Mark from Mediocre Money

How We Gain Financial Independence

We are responsible for learning and evaluating our choices.

It’s important to look at all potential results and know the financial implications.

Then make the choice that fits your life. You determine your wealth, happiness and financial well being. No one else.

I’m here to (try) and entertain you, while helping navigate our options so we can confidently live free, happy and fulfilled lives.

So come join me on this journey, I can’t wait to see the rich lives we’re going to build together.

My Financial Independence Focus

I focus the blog on a few main topics but often branch out into many other areas of life.

  • Financial Independence – Learning how to achieve it as quickly as possible.
  • Passive Income – From real estate to side hustles I test out what works.
  • Investing – The part that exponentially creates wealth.
  • Saving & Spending – Learn how to save and spend the money that you make.
  • Habits – The most successful people in the world create habits. Habits is like setting cruise control on your path to wealth. Debatably the biggest variable to success.

Top Canadian Personal Financial Blogs

Some of the best blogs are not necessarily Canadian. But I’ve denoted the ones that are Canadian. This list is highly vetted by myself and others. I only add blogs onto the list that I know are legitimate sources for financial knowledge.


I’m trying to become financially independent, and quit my day job.

What Mediocre Money Is About

Investment advisors, banks, friends and coworkers. Everyone likes to boast about their “money” and investments. Talking about the economy or throwing terms around like P/E ratio, free cash flow and cryptocurrency.

In reality your personal finances should not be complicated.

Being “Mediocre” is not about being average. It’s about never thinking you’re an expert. That way you are always hungry to learn more.

The single biggest variable to wealth is your willingness to learn. And the ability to keep your finances simple and functional for you.

Getting Started With Personal Finance Canada

If you are just beginning to learn about personal finances then congrats! Learning is the single most important thing you can do to grow your wealth.

Canada personal finances can be complex and intimidating. No matter where you live managing your personal finances has become very difficult. There is very little reputable sources for clear and effective guidance on managing your personal finances.

Learn the essentials to managing your finances and start on your path to financial independence.

Ask A Personal Finance Question

If you a question that you’d like answered I am more than happy to!